Today In My Garden 25 Jun 0
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To Do Now

Today In My Garden

This morning I traveled to Petals From the Past for their big summer sale. I purchased a butterfly weed and a new salvia and added them to two holes in my garden border. Normally many of my perennials would be in full bloom, but in some cases mine are late….

Smart, Safe Pesticide Use 24 Jun 0 Alabama Extension Q&A

Smart, Safe Pesticide Use

Summer has arrived in full force with rising temperatures, which means pests may start causing problems in our gardens and landscapes. It is very important to know how to safely use and store pesticides. The identification of beneficial insects versus pests should always occur before purchasing any pesticides as these insects…

Care Of Big Tomato Plants 16 Jun 5
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Care Of Big Tomato Plants

My first tomatoes will be ready in a few days. That is exciting, but in order to keep them producing as long as possible, I do a few simple things beside keeping them watered. In order to keep them flowering and producing more fruit, sucker removal is very important, especially…

Summer White Super Combo 09 Jun 0
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Flowering Shrubs

Summer White Super Combo

I really like summer whites in my garden. They brighten the shade but sill have a cooling effect. Today, I marveled at the white buckeye and Snowflake hydrangeas in bloom together. Both the plants are in light shade and under a red maple. That means with the fibrous roots of…


Foliage Color in the Garden

This is the time of year most of our Birmingham gardens are at their peak. It seems like every day something else is starting to bloom. The crepe myrtles, those great stalwarts of summer, are showing color. Lilies and daylilies are starting to bloom. The hydrangeas are about to put on…

Bring on the Bugs! 30 May 0
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Garden Insects

Bring on the Bugs!

Despite our desire to have a beautiful garden, all gardeners would do well to consider the role our plant selection plays in nurturing our soul AND the environment. How many of us would go running for the pesticides when we came upon these caterpillars chewing up our vine? But, would you kill…

A Simple, Homemade Container 30 May 0
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Container Gardening

A Simple, Homemade Container

Courtesy of the North Carolina Arboretum, here is a handsome, easily assembled container. This one is constructed of heavy duty treated pine, 2 x 10 inch lumber, cut to the desired length and screwed together. Planted without a bottom, and sunk in the earth several inches, this simple container will provide years of…