Buying a Good Garden Hose 13 Sep 1 Alabama Extension Q&A

Buying a Good Garden Hose

While it’s back-to-school for many of us, whether we’re the student or the parent, this time of year produces seasonal sales! Needing a new garden hose, one of my neighbors asked me which one was the best “deal” among options available to them. While listing any personal preferences you have,…

Formosa Lilies 12 Sep 1
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Formosa Lilies

By September, I am running out of steam. I am weary of cutting this grass, and now my lawns are covered with the first leaves off the deciduous trees. It takes a lot to impress me right now. So, let’s take a look at the wonderful Formosa Lily. This cluster,…

Pruning vs. Shearing 12 Sep 0
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Pruning vs. Shearing

I just finished my final grooming of the year for this espalier cotoneaster and a tea olive. With the cotoneaster, I make careful cuts with my trusty Felco bypass pruners. I removed the long, soft shoots where they branched off the main, trained branches. I was careful to preserve the…

First Fruits of Fall 04 Sep 0
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First Fruits of Fall

When a neighbor calls and says come see my beautiful beautyberry in fruit, you know fall is not far off. This week, once she told me about hers and I made a photo, I started seeing them everywhere. While the foliage is still on they are not showy from a…

Annuals That Need Help 31 Aug 0
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Annual Flowers

Annuals That Need Help

All around town annuals are looking bad. It could be because of several things. Here are a few tips to get them looking good this fall and hopefully have a good show of blooms. The shade type impatiens were planted in late May and had irrigation when needed. They looked…

Tending the Garden Now 27 Aug 2
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To Do Now

Tending the Garden Now

With a break in the August heat, now is the time to prepare the garden for fall. Here are some things I am currently doing in my garden. Zinnias, large flowered marigolds, tithonia, petunias and other summer annuals need to have their spent blooms removed to encourage a flush of…

Rooting Begonias 21 Aug 0
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Rooting Begonias

Cane type begonias are easy to root, and now is a good time to take these cutting and root outdoors in a cool shady place. Often times too, they can be rooted in water. I hope this blog will explain an easy way to root these cuttings outdoors. First, I…

Summer Pruning 08 Aug 0
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Summer Pruning

Every August I like to remove and shape many of my evergreen shrubs. In the images above I simply removed a good bit of new growth that made the shrub taller  than I wanted for the existing space. This is the purpose of summer pruning. Please do this with hand pruners…