A Berry Berry Holly 12 Dec 0
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A Berry Berry Holly

Around here when we say the word yaupon, we think immediately of dwarf yaupon. But our native yaupon is far from a dwarf. Generally considered a large shrub or a small multi-stem tree, it is more commonly seen south of us in its native state which frequently is along fence…

Fallen Leaves On Turf 17 Nov 4
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Fallen Leaves On Turf

I have lots of leaves on my turf. Most of the morning I used a combination of a bagging lawnmower and a leaf blower to get my turf uncovered. Predominantly, I have three types of large deciduous trees in my yard. My red maple, willow oak, and Chinese pastiche leaves…

The Pond Cypress 08 Nov 0
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The Pond Cypress

I can’t seem to get over my infatuation with the native pond cypress, Cypress ascendens. A deciduous conifer displaying a remarkable pyramidal shape when young, this tree quickly grows into a magnificent specimen tree. Unlike the bald cypress, knees are just not a problem. Individual trees are especially majestic when…

Fall Crocuses 08 Nov 0
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Fall Crocuses

I seem to be spending too much time raking leaves and not enough time enjoying these little gems blooming in the garden. Most of us know the spring crocuses, which add yet another layer of bloom in the riot that is spring in Birmingham. But in the fall, if you…

Fall Color and Flowers Too 06 Nov 0
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Fall Color

Fall Color and Flowers Too

American witch hazel has great fall color. In addition to that clear yellow color, it blooms at the same time, too. The above images were taken on the same plant. This is a classic understory native plant that can in some cases grow into a small tree, but most are…

Easy To Root – Aucubas 31 Oct 0
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Easy To Root – Aucubas

Some plants are easy to root. Aucubas seem to be one of the easiest shrubs for me. Since Aucuba foliage is a standard for flower arrangements around the house, I always seem to have some rooting or have just potted rooted stems. If you are like me and the flowers…

Pansy Planting TIme 25 Oct 0
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Pansy Planting TIme

Weekend rain and cool weather is my signal to plant pansies. It is easy to go out and just buy pansies, but there is a lot of difference in quality. Here is what I look for when I go to purchase plants or planted containers. Look for plants that are…