This Week In The Garden 14 Mar 2
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This Week In The Garden

What pleasure it is to garden in comfortable spring weather. This is such an important time in the garden to ensure you have a great gardening season. First, many shrubs and trees have been hurt by a major freeze a few days ago. Here is what you do to help…

What Can I Plant Now? 03 Mar 2
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What Can I Plant Now?

One week it is nice and warm, next week nights are freezing. Few spring plants are designed to bloom and show off immediately and take these up and down temperatures. Besides pansies, here are a few plants I like to add to my garden now. English daisies, while a bit…

What About This Weather 17 Feb 0
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Flowering Shrubs

What About This Weather

Friends February is not spring most years. Looking at my garden today you would think it is high spring. Everything is early, and a week of warm weather predicted for next week won’t help holding back spring flowering plants. But remember the general last frost date in our area is…

Keeping Pansies Perky 10 Feb 0
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Annual Flowers

Keeping Pansies Perky

This winter is a hot and cold one. And the temperature fluctuations have played havoc on many of the plants that were put in last fall, like pansies. So if your plants look stressed like the ones in the photo above, here is some advice. If yours look like the…