Tending Your Tomatoes 13 Jun 2
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Tending Your Tomatoes

My tomatoes have grown considerably over the last few days with all the rain. Some of my smallest plants did not survive (not sure why, maybe bacterial wilt) while the established plants loved it. My containerized plants did especially well, because they have good drainage. So with fruit set and…

My Calla Trick 05 Jun 0
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My Calla Trick

When I say I have a trick, here it is. All over town now the bagged plants are being marked down in the big box stores and big home improvement stores. Some as much as 75%. That’s when I shop for callas. I purchased 6 tubers the other day. Make…

Summer’s Most Fragrant Flower 31 May 0
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Summer’s Most Fragrant Flower

There is no question in my mind that when I get near a gardenia in bloom the fragrance is almost overpowering. For some its very fragrant flowers are heavenly, but others immediately start sneezing. Called Cape Jasmine by many older folks, this has been a staple in Birmingham gardens for…

Planting Right 15 May 0
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Planting Right

After all the rain we had over the past few days, water in the planting hole can be a serious problem. The old saying a “four dollar plant in forty dollar hole” is so true, especially if your soil is clay or very heavy. First and foremost do not plant…

Gardening At Home This Week 08 May 0
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Gardening At Home This Week

Early May is peak gardening time for me. It’s my second season of flowering, as many of my late spring shrubs and perennials are coming into bloom. Walking around my garden I have to focus on the beauty of the plants coming into flower, not just all the work that…