Planting Right 15 May 0
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Planting Right

After all the rain we had over the past few days, water in the planting hole can be a serious problem. The old saying a “four dollar plant in forty dollar hole” is so true, especially if your soil is clay or very heavy. First and foremost do not plant…

Gardening At Home This Week 08 May 0
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Gardening At Home This Week

Early May is peak gardening time for me. It’s my second season of flowering, as many of my late spring shrubs and perennials are coming into bloom. Walking around my garden I have to focus on the beauty of the plants coming into flower, not just all the work that…

Planting Annuals Right 29 Apr 3
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Annual Flowers

Planting Annuals Right

At planting time, it is easy to buy more than we have time to plant. So, many of us just stuff the plants into pots or in bed without giving much thought to maximizing their growth. But three things I think are important in planting annuals for maximum show. First…

This Week In The Garden 14 Mar 2
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This Week In The Garden

What pleasure it is to garden in comfortable spring weather. This is such an important time in the garden to ensure you have a great gardening season. First, many shrubs and trees have been hurt by a major freeze a few days ago. Here is what you do to help…