Collecting from Winter Walks 10 Jan 2
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Collecting from Winter Walks

A few warm days make me want to get outside and enjoy a good walk. Whether you simply walk around your garden or take a walk in the woods, there is probably a rich harvest for a winter arrangement. Foliage arrangements are a good substitute for flower arrangements indoors and…

Camellias for Christmas 24 Dec 0
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Flowering Shrubs

Camellias for Christmas

If the weather holds, empress camellia will grace our holiday dinner table on December 25. That’s right. Most years my empress camellias, also called lady clare, bloom from late December until late spring. During the times we have heavy freezes many of the opening blooms will turn brown and fall…

A Berry Berry Holly 12 Dec 0
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In fruit

A Berry Berry Holly

Around here when we say the word yaupon, we think immediately of dwarf yaupon. But our native yaupon is far from a dwarf. Generally considered a large shrub or a small multi-stem tree, it is more commonly seen south of us in its native state which frequently is along fence…

Fallen Leaves On Turf 17 Nov 4
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Fallen Leaves On Turf

I have lots of leaves on my turf. Most of the morning I used a combination of a bagging lawnmower and a leaf blower to get my turf uncovered. Predominantly, I have three types of large deciduous trees in my yard. My red maple, willow oak, and Chinese pastiche leaves…