A Mahonia For Late Winter 15 Feb 0
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Flowering Shrubs

A Mahonia For Late Winter

Depending on the year in Birmingham, evergreen leatherleaf mahonia will start blooming as early as mid-January. This year they are in full bloom now. Its yellow flowers contrasted with its course, very sticky foliage makes it a standout in late winter. A shade to light shade plant only, it hates…

Pansy Check-up 27 Jan 1
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Annual Flowers

Pansy Check-up

The month of January has played havoc with many plants. Pansies, well planted and mulched seen to do fine even though many have no blooms and weakened foliage right now. The few I have planted survived well, even the ones in large pots. If yours look rough and need a…

Collecting from Winter Walks 10 Jan 2
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Neat Ideas

Collecting from Winter Walks

A few warm days make me want to get outside and enjoy a good walk. Whether you simply walk around your garden or take a walk in the woods, there is probably a rich harvest for a winter arrangement. Foliage arrangements are a good substitute for flower arrangements indoors and…

Camellias for Christmas 24 Dec 0
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Flowering Shrubs

Camellias for Christmas

If the weather holds, empress camellia will grace our holiday dinner table on December 25. That’s right. Most years my empress camellias, also called lady clare, bloom from late December until late spring. During the times we have heavy freezes many of the opening blooms will turn brown and fall…