Seeds and Transplants To Plant Now

Finally, the weatherman is predicting a sunny weekend with normal temperatures. So why not consider planting certain seeds and transplants in your garden now. Lettuce, greens including kale and mustard greens, and carrots do fine in these temperatures we are expecting. I plant cole crops, broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and…

The Star of Magnolias 26 Feb 0
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In Bloom

The Star of Magnolias

Flowering magnolias are in bloom everywhere now. And what we do not see frequently is the star magnolia species, but it is a showstopper too. Not as common as the pink flowering saucer magnolia, it has something very different to offer. As you can see from the image, its blooms…

Do Not Prune Hydrangeas Now 21 Feb 6
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Flowering Shrubs

Do Not Prune Hydrangeas Now

Do not prune hydrangeas now, unless you do not want flowers on your florist or mophead type hydrangeas this year. These are the early summer bloomers that have pink or blue flowers, and variations of these colors depending on the whether the soil is acid or alkaline. The reason is…

A Mahonia For Late Winter 15 Feb 0
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Flowering Shrubs

A Mahonia For Late Winter

Depending on the year in Birmingham, evergreen leatherleaf mahonia will start blooming as early as mid-January. This year they are in full bloom now. Its yellow flowers contrasted with its course, very sticky foliage makes it a standout in late winter. A shade to light shade plant only, it hates…