Pots That Give The Space Punch 28 May 0
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Container Gardening

Pots That Give The Space Punch

Beautiful containers rarely happen by accident. In fact, all the ones above seem to be in the proper proportion and good placement for their location. It seems so simple, go buy some plants put them in a pot, and presto you have color all summer long. Well, that sometimes works,…

Necessary Chores Now 20 May 2
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To Do Now

Necessary Chores Now

Now is the time there are lots of small chores in the garden. Here are a few of the things I am doing in my garden. My pole beans are beginning to run, so I do a string trellis with a good jute rope tied onto horizontal poles. This is…

My Calla Lily Secret 13 May 0
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In Bloom

My Calla Lily Secret

You may be surprised that if I plant new calla lily tubers, it is around this time of the year. Well, that is my secret. I always buy them on sale either from a mail order supplier or from the the big box hardware or stores like Walmart in those…

Hydrangea Care Now 06 May 2
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Flowering Shrubs

Hydrangea Care Now

Florist hydrangeas, sometimes called “Mopheads,” are now budded in our area. With the buds showing it is time to do several things to make sure your blooms are beautiful. First, now is the time to remove all the dead branches as all the foliage on the old wood that is…