Hot Days In My Garden 17 Aug 0
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Hot Days In My Garden

As hot as the weather is, I am still gardening to get ready for fall. Last week I seeded marigolds, broccoli, and cabbage for my fall garden to eventually pot up and plant in the garden in early September. The marigold will go into containers that I have pulled out…

What Is a Caterpillar—Really? 05 Aug 0 Alabama Extension Q&A

What Is a Caterpillar—Really?

You don’t have to be a gardener to experience caterpillars. In fact, from Absolem, the pipe-smoking caterpillar Alice found in Wonderland to more real world curious characters, we’ve grown up with these critters. Officially a caterpillar is the larva of a butterfly or moth, consisting of a segmented, wormlike body…

Maintain and Enjoy 27 Jul 0
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Maintain and Enjoy

For me, this is the time of the year where my maintenance mainly consists of weeding and watering. It’s really too late to prune many of our spring flowering shrubs that bloom on the stems and branches that do not appear in spring. Even many of my native azaleas have…

Tending Your Tomatoes 13 Jun 2
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Tending Your Tomatoes

My tomatoes have grown considerably over the last few days with all the rain. Some of my smallest plants did not survive (not sure why, maybe bacterial wilt) while the established plants loved it. My containerized plants did especially well, because they have good drainage. So with fruit set and…

My Calla Trick 05 Jun 0
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My Calla Trick

When I say I have a trick, here it is. All over town now the bagged plants are being marked down in the big box stores and big home improvement stores. Some as much as 75%. That’s when I shop for callas. I purchased 6 tubers the other day. Make…