Along Came the Spiders… 08 Oct 0 Alabama Extension Q&A

Along Came the Spiders…

Several gardeners have commented on what seems to be very healthy spider populations this fall. Is it weather patterns? Abundant food sources? They really like ‘hanging out’ around our houses, creating those ‘I didn’t see that web!’ moments? As gardeners, we know the vast majority of spiders are categorized as…

Lawn Care Now 29 Aug 0
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Lawn Care Now

Let’s face it, most of our lawns are neglected this time of the year except for watering when they need it. But, if you have not fertilized your Bermuda or zoysia lawn with a good lawn fertilizer this summer, do so now. While name brands can be expensive, those with…

These Plants Enjoy Shade 27 Jul 0
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These Plants Enjoy Shade

This time of the year, shade is what we all look for in the garden. And while we like to escape summer in shady spots these plants love shade, too. While both impatiens and caladiums have types that will survive our sunny summer days, the ones most of us grow…