Gardenia Care 21 Feb 0
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Flowering Shrubs

Gardenia Care

In our area gardenias have had a rough winter. An early freeze really hurt many plants, and some even had their stems split. Then another set of warm days and another freeze is playing havoc with some folks plants, like my neighbors. Then, last week my son sent me the…

Spring Before Valentines 11 Feb 0
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In Bloom

Spring Before Valentines

While there’s a rainy week ahead and warmer than usual temperatures, don’t be surprised what is in bloom. For many years the early blooming star magnolias were rarely allowed to have only a few blooms before being burned by cold weather. Because of the warmer temperatures in January and February…

Cold Weather Pruning 19 Jan 0
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Cold Weather Pruning

The expected cold weather will hopefully stop many of our deciduous shrubs from budding out. However, the cooler weather is the perfect time to prune trees, cut back evergreens, and shape evergreens. With our extended warm season last fall, many of our evergreens, like the dwarf Buford holly shown in…

Winter and Warm Weather 10 Jan 2
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Winter and Warm Weather

Warm days and cool nights that we are having now are tough on plants. Our winter flowering plants are showing off, while many of our deciduous plants have buds swelling. And the weather next week is predicted to be mild and rainy. So, what can we do? Actually nothing for…

Gardening Now 23 Dec 0
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To Do Now

Gardening Now

Our one day is warm one day is cold, as well as off and on rain is a challenge for us gardeners. If you have already planted your violas and pansies, don’t forget they need winter care, too. Remember to pinch off the spent blossoms to keep the plants blooming….