Milkweed Bugs 30 Sep 0 Alabama Extension Q&A

Milkweed Bugs

Recently, you may have noticed a new orange and black insect on your milkweed. Although it may resemble a boxelder bug, it is actually the large milkweed bug, Oncopeltus fasciatus. Usually found in groups on the stems, leaves and seed pods, their presence may seem ominous; however, they are harmless…

Botanical Reboot 30 Sep 0
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Botanical Reboot

The drought of 2016 was rough. We lost many trees and shrubs, and we are still seeing damage as a result of stress even though we have had good rainfall this year. Many trees have dead limbs, and in our storms we have lots of dead limbs coming down. Some…

What’s Eating My Rosemary? 30 Sep 0 Alabama Extension Q&A

What’s Eating My Rosemary?

For the last few weeks I’ve been asked what’s causing the webbing on the branches of rosemary plants brought to the diagnostic lab. The answer is the caterpillar or larval stage of the southern purple mint moth (Pyrausta laticlavia). The tiny larvae produce conspicuous amounts of webbing on leaves and…

Easy to Root Coleus 29 Sep 0
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Easy to Root Coleus

Coleus is a favorite plant of mine to root in water. There is simply nothing to it other than keeping the container filled with water and allowing the roots to develop. While I did the ones above earlier in the summer, the typical way my mom over wintered coleus is…

Fall Vegetable Planting 23 Sep 0
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To Do Now

Fall Vegetable Planting

Warm temperatures, heavy rainfall, and perhaps a bit of laziness has kept me from planting my fall vegetables. So this past week I turned the garden, and plan on seeding it and putting out transplants as soon as possible. Before planting I have some work to do. First, I clean…