Plant Tags Are Valuable 02 Nov 0
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Plant Tags Are Valuable

Many of the plants you are buying in stores today have these larger plant tags attached to the pots. I am very impressed with the information they provide, as long as you know a few things about the metro Birmingham area. First and foremost we are basically in plant zone…

Fall Gardening At Its Best 24 Oct 0
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To Do Now

Fall Gardening At Its Best

As the fragrance of ginger lilies passed, the tea olives, also called osmanthus, scent my back yard now. And what could be better with this perfect gardening weather but a mild sweet scent in your garden as you do many of the chores we need to do now. Orange flowered…

How To Buy Garden Mums 07 Oct 0
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Annual Flowers

How To Buy Garden Mums

For me cooler weather means it’s time to do a bit of fall decorating, and nothing beats the beauty of mums. The images above are good examples of how to buy as it relates to flowering longevity. But there are other things I think you should be cautious about, especially…

Hot, Dry, and Blooming 25 Sep 0
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In Bloom

Hot, Dry, and Blooming

Every night the weather report is temperatures above 90 degrees and no rain in the forecast. And the long term report says at least another week of this type of weather. Even some of my best early fall bloomers are not doing well even though I have a sprinkler system….

Florist Hydrangea Update 17 Sep 0
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Flowering Shrubs

Florist Hydrangea Update

My number one question this time of the year regarding florist or mop-head hydrangeas is “what’s wrong with the leaves, they have spot all over them.” While I cannot be exact, it is some type of leaf spot, and usually they are growing in sun. Can you control this? The…