Spring Bulbs On Sale Now 10 Dec 2
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Spring Bulbs On Sale Now

I always plant my spring bulbs in late December or the first week in January. So the fact that many stores and my favorite mail order source, Brent and Becky’s bulbs, have their remaining supply of bulbs on sales now is perfect. This weekend I bought 50 large size daffodils…

Leaves And More Leaves 29 Nov 0
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Leaves And More Leaves

My turf looks like a forest floor it is so covered with leaves. And yes, they need to be removed. For many of you it is endless hours of raking which granted it is good exercise, but frankly I hate to rake leaves. My solution is to cut them up…

Falls Best Yellow Tree 09 Nov 0
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Fall Color

Falls Best Yellow Tree

Ginkgo is the brightest color of most fall trees. Also called maidenhair tree, ginkgo almost never misses on delivering great fall color. The one shown above is in my front yard and is sitting on an under bed of rock in about 10 inches of soil at the most. While…

This Weekend Is The Big Sale 17 Oct 0
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To Do Now

This Weekend Is The Big Sale

That is right. I always say the fall tree and shrub planting season starts with the annual Birmingham Botanical Gardens fall plant sale. The rain in the past couple of days and cooler temperatures are a perfect combination for signaling the start of planting perennials, trees and shrubs. Also, it…