Planting Your Spring Purchases 12 Apr 0
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Flowering Shrubs

Planting Your Spring Purchases

I’m just back from the Spring Sale benefiting the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, where I bought a species camellia. The first thing I have to do when planting camellias is decide where to site the plant. A little research shows that camellias do best in well drained, acid soil with shade from the direct afternoon sun….

Planting Time Is Here 09 Apr 2
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To Do Now

Planting Time Is Here

The temperature reported on the weather assures me that we are clear of frost. This is a week earlier than many years. So it is time to start adding summer vegetables and cold tender annuals to our landscapes. Today, since my vegetable garden soil is so wet from the rain…

Take A Look At Crabapples 04 Apr 2
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In Bloom

Take A Look At Crabapples

These small flowering trees have a variety of flower colors, red, white, pink, and all types of variations of these colors. So why not take another look at this great flowering tree? If you can grow cherries, you can grow crabapples. Here is why I like these trees. The spring…