Baby Hummingbirds, Up Close

“The hummingbird babies that were born right outside my window have flown the coop. They’re fledglings now, and I am an empty nester.”

Thank you, Cynthia Berryman for sharing these photos via the Garden Obsession group on Facebook.

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Bill Holcombe

Bill Holcombe's Garden Obsession is a wildly popular Facebook group with members around the world sharing gardening information and inspiration. Bill has a degree in Ornamental Horticulture from Auburn, and has gardened in Alabama for 50 years.

One thought on “Baby Hummingbirds, Up Close

  1. I have many hummingbird feeders in my yard and do so enjoy watching them at their warp speed going from one to the other. They especially love my delphiniums when they are in bloom. I have never seen a nest, but then again, it would be so easy to miss. Thank you for sharing this.

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