Boxwood Hedges That Are Done Right

boxwood hedges that are shaped and pruned correctly

A 10-year-old boxwood hedge, shaped and pruned correctly

Having beautiful boxwood hedges requires good plants and the correct pruning or shaping. Here you can see a beautiful example of a boxwood hedge. My friends, Mike and Paula, keep it correctly shaped. Note that the bottom of the hedge is wider than the top. This allows the full hedge to have the same amount of sunlight from bottom to top on its side. Most folks prune their hedges either perfectly straight, or the top of the hedge is wider than the bottom. This same principle is applied to tightly pruned shrubs. So if you want a pruned hedge or shrub to not lose its leaves at the bottom, be sure and prune them in a wedge like the one shown above.

John Floyd

John Floyd has been gardening--and learning about Birmingham area gardening--for more than 30 years. In addition to his day-to-day experience, John has degrees in horticulture from Auburn and Clemson Universities and was Editor-in-Chief of Southern Living.

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  1. What a spectacular idea! Makes me yearn for Birmingham and the long growing season. How could I not be a daily visitor? Birmingham Gardening is such a winner.
    Kate Greer

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