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Moving houseplants indoors needs to be done before the first freeze

Moving houseplants indoors needs to be done before the first freeze.

This is a reminder and some cold weather care tips for your houseplants. While we are not expecting freezing temperatures until Sunday night, I have started moving all of my cold tender plants indoors. Things like tropical foliage plants and citrus do not like the cool night temperatures we are having now. I will leave my orchids and Christmas catcus on our back porch until at least the end of the week. Orchids seem to bloom better with cooler temperatures for me (this not very scientific) in late winter and my Christmas catcus are coming into bud now, so I want to encourage as much bud set as possible. One important thing about bringing in houseplants is that you bring any insects hiding in the plant indoors with you. Hopefully I have left mine out long enough to at least get rid of the aphids, but be sure and inspect yours for insects and treat with insecticidal soap if you find insects present. It is also a good time to groom and prune back branches and stalks that are awkward. Make sure they are watered before they are brought in. The saucers that catch the water should be cleaned when you bring them in to reduce salt buildup that can be absorbed back into the soil if the water that is drained into the saucer is absorbed back into the roots and soil.

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