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13 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. I have boxwood leaf miner in 8 4-5 foot round boxwoods. What do you recommend to treat this. Imidacloprid is mentioned, but how to apply and what dilution. I saw some 20% online. Would you pour onto the soil around the bush or onto leaves?
    I tried getting an arborist to help but was not successful.
    Thank you,
    Bonnie Paul

    • It is the right product and comes in a granular or drench product. You apply it to the ground around the plant according to label directions. It think it is the best long term method of control

  2. We could use help in our MannaMarket Organic farm & Co-op. We would enjoy having your help with our non-profit called Will’s Place having special needs young adults with their gardening skills, etc. We need leaves, manure, good top soil, organic plants or all natural plants, for the mini farm. We have so much fun. Come join us.

  3. Where can i give my plants in birmingham al? I going to change of country and i can’t keep it someone can tell me where i can give or donate it. They are a little plants of pepper.

  4. Not sure if I understand everything. Will we get something on our email address daily to let us know your up & running daily. Looking forward to this kicking off as we dont have anything like this locally. I went to school with Jason so glad to have a website by someone I know. Thanks for answering when you get a chance. Look forward to hearing from you! Thanks Leigh Ann

    • Hi Leigh Ann,
      Great to see you here! The email newsletter sign-up page will be live next week. We’ll be rolling out the weekly newsletter this spring. For now, look for the regular updates here on the site home page and on Facebook. – Jason

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