Controlling Poa annua In Early Spring

Poa annua in the winter lawn

Poa annua in the winter lawn

Even if you put out a pre-emergence herbicide on your turf last fall, chances are you will still have some nice green clumps of Poa annua (annual bluegrass) in your nice dormant brown lawn. This stuff is hard to get rid of and, if you have a bad infestation, it can take several years of applying a good pre-emergence at the right time in the fall to clean up the turf. You would also be wise to get rid of it in early spring before it seeds. I have a good zoysia lawn and–while I doubt that you can read this officially anywhere–I spot spray on sunny winter days when I see any hint of the clumps of green Poa annua in the zoysia. While this does not show immediate results on the Poa annua, in a couple of weeks it usually turns first yellow, then brown, and dies. Now if you are not interested in trying this, there is always hand digging or pulling the clumps. There is a herbicide you can spray on it in the spring that will control it, but because it is so expensive, I have never used it. Companies like Ewing and John Deere Landscape usually carry this product. Talk with them about how to use it, and its effectiveness, before you purchase this product

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