Quick Tip: Controlling Whitefly On Lilies

whitefly on lilies

Control whitefly on lilies with insecticidal soap.

This time of year we see insect pests throughout the garden. I have different tolerance levels for my vegetables than for the rest of the garden. Here on the lilies I may use a little insecticidal soap if there are hoards of bugs, or I may ignore a smattering of the pests. Beneficial ladybugs feed on whiteflies and aphids.

When you see an infestation of pests, consider whether the plant is weak and vulnerable to attack due to other conditions. I ask myself, are these lilies in too much shade, resulting in a loss of vigor, and therefore an easy target for pests? I should find time to move them to a sunnier location this fall.

Mike Rushing

Mike and Paula Rushing have been gardening in St. Clair county since 1990, and In Forest Park since 2007. A Jefferson County Master Gardener and course instructor at Master Gardening classes, Mike also volunteers weekly at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

2 thoughts on “Quick Tip: Controlling Whitefly On Lilies

  1. We have something eating our Impatience…I mean big holes in the leaves. We have tried beer which works for slugs and snails, but near the Impatience we didn’t see any in the containers which is very unusual because if we put beer out around the Hostas they are loaded with snails and slugs the next morning. Any suggestions?

    • I am really not sure what it is with out seeing the leaves of the plant. It is probably an insect eating the leaves but that is not a comon on impatients. Porbably it is grasshoppers or another chewing insect. A good all-purpose garden insecticide dust will probably do the trick. Check you local big box retailer or hardware store and ask for a product like Ortho flower dust or spray.

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