Fall Crocuses

I seem to be spending too much time raking leaves and not enough time enjoying these little gems blooming in the garden. Most of us know the spring crocuses, which add yet another layer of bloom in the riot that is spring in Birmingham. But in the fall, if you haven’t planned way ahead, color in the garden is hard to come by. Most of us resort to a few pansies and pots of mums. But plant the fall blooming crocus, and you will have color for years to come. Keeping the leaves blown off the blooms is the only management involved. Clumps increase slowly, but steadily.

Sources seem to be restricted to online retail bulb sources. Order for spring delivery, plant the bulbs a couple of inches deep in well draining soil, and forget about them till this time next year when they catch you by surprise. I mark the plantings so I won’t disturb them with my grubbing around.

Mike Rushing

Mike and Paula Rushing have been gardening in St. Clair county since 1990, and In Forest Park since 2007. A Jefferson County Master Gardener and course instructor at Master Gardening classes, Mike also volunteers weekly at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

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