These Planters Are Growing Machines

Broccoli growing in an Earthbox on my sons porch

Broccoli growing in an Earthbox on my son’s porch

Spring lettuces grown from seedlings planted in an Earthbox

Spring lettuces grown from seedlings planted in an Earthbox

No one is paying me to tell you that if you want to grow vegetables in containers, Earthboxes are a great way to ensure success. Just follow their simple instructions and keep the boxes with water in their reservoir. Don’t miss my earlier post, “Earthbox: This Planter Really Works.”

The reason to blog about these today is they are on sale at, which is rare. When both my sons started vegetable gardening on their own, I gave them each an Earthbox and told them I always grew peppers in mine. Well, not only have they grown peppers in theirs, they have done collards, broccoli, squash, tomatoes and various herbs, all with great success. Now while they had both been brought up helping me, when they started growing their own veggies, they did not realize that it was not presto success. Only their Earthboxes gave them an easy way to grow things once they were planted. Now that their “in the ground” gardens are a few years old and producing nicely, they still depend on their Earthboxes to grow certain plants just like I do to grow my peppers, especially bells.

John Floyd

John Floyd has been gardening--and learning about Birmingham area gardening--for more than 30 years. In addition to his day-to-day experience, John has degrees in horticulture from Auburn and Clemson Universities and was Editor-in-Chief of Southern Living.

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