Weeping Green Japanese Maples in Planters

This potted Weeping Green Japanese Maple is about three years old in my garden

This potted weeping green Japanese maple is about three years old in my garden.

A striking Weeping Green Japanese Maple in a courtyard planter.

A striking weeping green Japanese maple in a courtyard planter.

Hot muggy August days are tough on many plants in containers, but not weeping Japanese maples. The two examples here are both green weeping forms in two different locations with two different looks. What they have in common is they are growing in filtered shade, and the containers are large enough to allow them to grow for many years without being pot bound. The one with the under palnting of caladiums and flat-leafed parsley is three years old in that container, and there is still plenty of room to under plant in the container. The other one is large enough and weeping enough that an underplanting is not needed and would not be advised because of the relationship of the size of the plant to the pot. Since most of the ones for sale in local nurseries are in containers, if you need a striking plant in a container, give one of these a try. I am partial to the green selections because so many of them have great fall color, too. The plants pictured here are not grafted, but you can also buy many shapes, grafted and non-grafted types, so you might want to shop with an expert like David Doggett who grows all types in his yard here in Birmingham. He has a large selection of small ones for sale. I put the green form of these weeping Japanese maples among my favorite plants in my garden at this time of the year.

John Floyd

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