What’s Going On in the Garden?

Here I have some photos of  conditions I encountered in the garden yesterday. Take a look at the photos and figure out just what is the culprit in each case.
mike 9 5:20
The first shot is of rabbit damage, nipping the leaves at ground level. Deer would not leave ANY hosta foliage.
mike 8 5:20
Next we see two BIG BLUE hosta, same age, same planting conditions. One, however, was visited by voles last winter and had most (but not all) roots eaten below ground. This spring that hosta is 1/20th the size of its neighbor.
mike 6 5:20
The variegated hosta leaf is suffering from snail/slug damage. I must be more diligent.
mike 5 5:20
Finally, we see the Alabama ephemeral wildflower, Shooting Star, going dormant as temperatures rise into the 80’s. Absolutely normal.
These are pretty typical of daily garden occurrences, not too disturbing but more aggravating. The dogs, Hazel and Harriet, are in pursuit of the rabbits. I continue to monitor vole damage, a consequence of that good, thick layer of leaf mold. I regularly apply pet-safe slug bait. And, I enjoy Shooting Stars in the early spring.

Mike Rushing

Mike and Paula Rushing have been gardening in St. Clair county since 1990, and In Forest Park since 2007. A Jefferson County Master Gardener and course instructor at Master Gardening classes, Mike also volunteers weekly at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

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  1. I’ve had great success drowning slugs and snails by pouring cheap beer in small containers…they love it. Within two days the inside bottom of the container is filled with dead slugs and snails.

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