Wiese Acres: A North Dakota Beauty

“A few pictures from my garden – last year… “Wiese Acres” is located in central North Dakota. There are roughly 4 acres of landscaped area, much of it in xeriscape gardens. We do a lot of garden tours and educational events to showcase drought tolerant and “low” maintenance gardening design.”

Thank you, Kathleen Thomas Wiese for sharing these photos via the Garden Obsession group on Facebook.

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Bill Holcombe

Bill Holcombe's Garden Obsession is a wildly popular Facebook group with members around the world sharing gardening information and inspiration. Bill has a degree in Ornamental Horticulture from Auburn, and has gardened in Alabama for 50 years.

2 thoughts on “Wiese Acres: A North Dakota Beauty

  1. Having visited Wiese Acres numerous times over the years, I can tell you that each year it has become more beautiful as Kathleen has added beds, modified them, added structures and seating, and worked so hard to keep the acres in beautiful condition. All that, and she grows and preserves fruits and vegetables, too! I’ve never seen such a variety of plant life in one location in North Dakota. There is color and interest throughout the year, but the gardens are their lushest and most beautiful at the height of summer. It’s no small feat to achieve that in North Dakota! I’m so glad you have featured Wiese Acres on your site. Such an inspiration!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing our yard. Wiese Acres truly is a labor of love for us. It has been a work in progress for 19 years. We moved there 23 years ago and it was essentially “dead”. The soil have been overused for ag production and had a lot of residual chemicals from sprays and fertilizers. When we started digging the basement for the house, the soil was such a thick layer of clay hard pan that they couldn’t break through it with the backhoe – they had to loosen it with a jackhammer and then excavate a little at a time. You couldn’t have found an earthworm or beneficial insect anywhere on the place. We brought in truck loads of river bottom loam from my home farm, complete with earthworms; then planted some alfalfa to break up the soil and add some nutrients. We started planting trees and gardens after four years of this preparatory work. So, why would anyone move to such a place, you ask? Well, the price was right, we were young, I was a former farm girl who thought she could do anything, and we really had no clue as to the amount of work we were taking on. But, it’s all been worth it!

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